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Your sound, perfected.

Your sound, perfected.

embrace your originality by embracing your influences


it's too easy to have your sound corrupted by someone else's vision

We're tired of the horror stories about artists and producers who did not understand them. 

A good producer uncovers your authentic sound and highlights your unique talent.


They are such a pleasure to work with. The second you walk in the studio all your anxieties disappear. I truly feel I can go in there and do my best work. The team are masters of their craft. Overall, a definite gem of the Bay Area.

MAriah Belgrod


When other artists ask me for a recommendation, I always point them in the direction of Ed Clare. He cares about each artist he works with, and his sole intention - which he so expertly achieves time and time again - is that each recording is a true reflection of that artist!

Iari Melchor

I was not capturing the sound I was hearing live from my guitar, or vocals. It felt like reading and watching tutorials was not getting me anywhere because I lacked a frame of reference. Ed was different because he has such a diverse background musically, and he took the time to really try to understand where I was coming from.

Through conversations about the mix and the song as an artistic piece, he was able to help me stay true to my vision while making the song sound amazing!!! I feel the creative fire inside me burning like when I learned to play my first chords, like I have been unleashed to create music again!!!
— William Creswell

our process



Step 1

We review your song or songs.  (via links, or in person if you have no streaming examples)

Step 2

Together we discuss how your song or songs could sound, and in many cases, create a “midi mock-up’.  

Step 3

We create the budgets, hire the session players if appropriate, and set up the studio sessions


Step 4

We produce, record, mix and master your song to label caliber. 


What does a producer do?



It seems like everyone with a laptop and pro-tools calls themselves a music producer.  It's too vague a term.  What Nova Noir can do is help your releases become the best they can be, while still retaining the integrity and soul of your unique sound as artists.  This can be done through various methods during the songwriting, recording, or mixing, stages.  




A NOTE TO ARTISTS:  Do not work with anyone just because they have worked with famous people. 

Work with them because they align with your vision for your art.  Work with them because they will make your songs captivating and magical.  

Although a few of them are famous, We list some of our clients here because we want you to know you're not alone in trusting us to get you exactly the sound that makes you shine above the rest. 

Also, we list some of our clients here because it would be really weird to have a website about music production without some examples of music production. 




Whether you're a corporate entity looking for music for your project, or a singer with great chops in need of tracks, we can help. 


We're not the kind of producers who change you and your music into something it's not.  We're the kind of producers who work with you to make you sound like the BEST version of yourself in the most captivating way possible. 


Whether it is to record some demos or to record your next official release, we have the gear to make your songs sound great, and the amenities to make recording a fun, relaxing, and productive experience.  

Mixing / Mastering

Many listeners can't tell the difference between a bad mix and a bad song.  Let us make sure your song gets represented in its best sonic detail. 


The Team

Me Dye Job.jpg

Ed Clare

Edmond Clare aka “SpookyRockstar” can create almost any style from any era, but he believes he is at his best when using his skills to help an artist realize their own unique style, and when bringing their style to its best potential.

Obsessively studying trends, and using his expertise in both conventional and unconventional sound design within music has had even established producers around the San Francisco / Bay Area consulting with him on “how to get that latest sound”. Multiple companies and corporations have utilized him on recreating sounds of current and previous eras and bands.

His skill-set is currently utilized by both artists signed to Sony (Europe) and at Sony (Europe) itself.  His past clients also include Conde’ Nast, PG Music Inc., Universal Music, and hundreds of artists over the lifespan of his career.  

He is currently serving on the board of the West Coast Songwriters, and will be launching a YouTube and Periscope channel with the goal of helping artists become producers themselves.  


Reto Peter

Reto has been actively engineering and producing music for 20 years at prestigious studios in Boston, New York, Switzerland and the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been part of multi-platinum albums and his credits include: Green Day, The Counting Crows, Flipsyde, Modest Mouse, Mickey Hart and many chart topping artists from his native Switzerland.

Focusing on Music Production and Engineering, he earned a Bachelor Degree in Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

An active member of the local audio community as a producer, mixer, engineer, teacher, and voting member of the Recording Academy, he also writes and produces music for television as part of Tinytone Music and can be heard on various cable networks and national ad campaigns.


Georgann Ireland

"Georgann Ireland is the most talented emerging songwriter / recording artist I have had the pleasure to meet in years...

....hands down. Her steadfast dedication and work ethic is as impressive as her musical gifts, a very rare combination that will bode well for Georgann’s future in the music industry.

In short, Georgann Ireland is a genuine artist to be reckoned with and I’m her #1 fan!"

Scott Mathews - Mill Valley, CA / 2018

Georgann Ireland is an alternative and progressive pop singer-songwriter and recording artist. Taking her musical inspiration from all eras—70’s soft rock, 80’s rock, 90’s alternative rock, and contemporary country and indie pop—her upbeat and shimmer infused sound is uniquely her own. She is fiercely driven and dedicated to her craft.

While attending University of California, Berkeley, Georgann worked with multi-GRAMMY and Oscar award winning producer, Scott Mathews, who has sold over 40 million units and downloads and has over 20 gold and multi-platinum RIAA Certification awards. Today, she works under the guidance of internationally acclaimed voice and performance coach, Steven Memel. She is a topliner, songwriter, and producer for Nova Noir, and is currently working on her debut EP.


Jacquie Joshua

Jacquie Joshua is an emerging artist with captivating vocals, possessing articulate and refined hearing for the direction of music trends and sound production. She believes that the best music comes from personal expression, and encourages vocalists to discover their own sound through songwriting.

Additionally, her talent stretches into production, as she tends to merge genres and generate new trends. From exposure to Old Blues, to Trap/Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, and EDM, Jacquie’s extensive taste in music allows for such creativity. 

Intrigued by the process of production, Jacquie began writing her own music as early as eleven years old. At fourteen, she worked as a studio vocalist where she made song placements in films as a vocalist and co-writer. She is an active member of West Coast Songwriter’s and has won several songwriting competitions. She worked with George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam, the hit songwriters for Whitney Houston. As an Alumni of Berklee College of Music Five Week Summer Program, Jacquie developed and wrote more original music and performed in an R&B ensemble. 

 Jacquie Joshua is Nova Noir’s producer and vocal specialist. She will be attending Santa Clara University, and is writing her new EP for 2019. She continues to perform her latest singles, which are currently on Spotify and Apple Music.